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Our firm is located in the heart of the New Orleans central business district.


Real Estate Development

We represent lenders, developers and investors in the acquisition and development of high-rise office buildings, shopping centers, condominiums, apartment complexes and subdivisions. We also represent individuals in home purchasing, home construction, rezoning, resubdivisions and remodeling. These clients' legal needs range from purchase agreements, options to purchase, zoning, title research and insurance, land use and planning, financing, corporate structure and planning to the actual closing and construction phase of projects.

Business Transactions

Business clients of all sizes employ our firm to handle their legal, contractual and operational needs. Our many business clients include owners of both nationally and locally owned office buildings, shopping centers and hotels. We represent real estate brokers, mortgage bankers, a ship repair firm, apartment and condominium managers and retail and wholesale outlets. The City of New Orleans  and the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority engages our firm to handle the legal aspects of much of their low- and moderate-income housing developments, representations, and re-sales.

Financing and Secured Transactions

We handle all aspects of interim and permanent financing and secured transactions of varying magnitude for commercial and residential matters. We are experienced in all features of business loan agreements, mortgages and security agreements. We consistently accomplish timely and expeditious closings.

Probate, Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

Our firm assists clients in planning for the future and handles matters for them in times of need. We work together with Certified Public Accountants to offer estate planning services utilizing the most modern concepts. We are experienced in handling probate cases for large, moderate and small estates. All estate planning services are available.

Title Insurance and Searches

Louisiana has 64 parishes (equivalent to a county), and we practice or are represented at all courthouses across the State. We are authorized title insurance agents for Fidelity National Title Insurance Company, Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company and WFG National Title Insurance Company.

Mortgage Servicing/Foreclosure

We represent many national mortgage servicing clients and attend to their daily, ongoing legal needs throughout the entire State of Louisiana including portfolio acquisition, servicing problems, foreclosure, loss mitigation, bankruptcy for both commercial and residential loans, as well as re-sales.

Affordable Housing

Our firm helps those who help others by providing services to form and advise non-profit corporations that are in the business of developing and managing affordable housing in various locations in the State. We work closely with the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Housing Authority of New Orleans and other public agencies on such developments and are involved in federally-funded HOPE VI redevelopment projects whose goal is to revitalize and rebuild public housing into viable and thriving mixed-use developments.

Blight expropriations

Our office handles public agency expropriations and other related matters of blighted properties in order to improve the City of New Orleans and help return the properties to the stream of commerce.


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